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Through tireless research and development efforts, and highly efficient production lines, ALMINE is able to produce and supply aluminium bar in coils with the largest diameter in the world. As a result, the possibilities of aluminium products are significantly expanding.
We have succeeded in transforming aluminium from a “light” metal to a metal playing a “heavy” role that is indispensable to future technologies.
We will continue to advance with spirit and vision, promoting the further evolution of aluminium and exploring new possibilities.

A company profile

Company name
January 1921
November 1960
Takeshi Takeuchi
¥490 million
200 as of March 2017
Product line

Aluminium wire, wire rod, bar, sheet, coil, Aluminium alloy wire,
High-purity aluminium wire. Shaped wire, Welding wire [MIG] [TIG]

Main clients
automobile makers, consumer appliance makers, steel makers, food product makers,   fastener makers, Electric cable makers,etc.
Mistubishi-Tokyo-UFJ Bank, Limited  Imazato Branch,Minato Bank Osaka Buranch, The Risona Bank, Ltd Osaka-Nishiku Branch, Development Bank of Japan Kansai Branch
Main shareholders
20, including Osaka Small/Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd , Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

Company history

Jan. 1921
Founded as Takeuchi Manufacturing at Honden-dori, Nishi-ku, Osaka (as a supplier mainly to Matsushita Electric Industrial and other consumer appliance makers).
Nov. 1960
Recapitalized at ¥2 million as Fukae Metal K.K. at Fukae, Higashinari-ku, Osaka.
Feb. 1961
Designated a U.S. Army Procurement Agency (APA) supplier.
Sep. 1961
Moved to Takaida, Higashi-Osaka, and began producing aluminium wires, deformed wires, etc.
Jul. 1963
Capital increased to ¥6 million.
Jul .1966

Capital increased to ¥15 million.

Apr. 1967
Factory moved to Hishie, Higashi-Osaka.
Jun 1968
Capital increased to ¥35 million.
Jan 1968
Approved as bonded factory.
Sep. 1968
Capital increased to ¥50 million.
Feb. 1970
Tokyo Sales Office set up to handle increasing orders in the Kanto area.
Mar. 1972
Business dealings started with Comalco, Australia.
Nov. 1973
Tokyo Sales Office upgraded to Tokyo Branch Office in a new building.
Aug. 1974
Capital increased to ¥100 million.
Dec. 1974
Investment received from Osaka Small/Medium Business Investment & Consultation co.,ltd.
Dec. 1974
Capital increased to  \150 million.
Dec. 1975
Misumi Plant (aluminium wires) completed at Misumi-cho, Otsu-gun, Yamaguchi ken., on-line operation began.
Feb. 1981
Capital increased to ¥300 million.
Oct. 1982
Capital increased to ¥400 million.
Nov. 1983
Misumi No. 4 Plant completed (world’s largest-scale continuous casting and rolling mill also completed).
Dec. 1985
Kawakami East Plant (aluminium sheet 6 Hi cold rolling mill) completed at Kamese,Kawakami-son,Abu-gun,Yamaguchi Ken.
May 1986
Operation began at Kawakami East Plant.
Oct. 1989
Capital increased to ¥2.04 billion.
Apr. 1990
Company name changed to ALMINE CO.,LTD.
Oct. 1991
New head office building completed at Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka.
May 1993
Kawakami West Plant (aluminium bars) completed at Kawakami-son, Abu-gun, Yamaguchi ken., and operation began.
Jul. 1999
Kawakami East Plant, Kawakami West Plant, and Misumi Plant approved for ISO-9001(1994) Certification.
Aug. 1999
Capital decreased to ¥502.5 million.
Jul. 2002
Kawakami East Plant, Kawakami West Plant, and Misumi Plant approved for ISO-9001(2000) Certification.
Kawakami East Plant, Kawakami West Plant, and Misumi Plant approved for ISO-14001(1996) Certification.
Kawakami East Plant, Kawakami West Plant, and Misumi Plant approved for ISO-14001(2004) Certification.
Dec.2008 New Tokyo office building completed at Yaesu, Chuou-ku, Tokyo
Kawakami East Plant, Kawakami West Plant, and Misumi Plant approved for ISO-9001(2008) Certification.
Completed Almine・Vietnam Factory in Luong son industrial Park, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam.
Misumi Plant, and Kawakami Plant approved for ISO-9001(2015)・ISO-14001(2015) Certification.
Almine・Vietnam approved for ISO-9001(2015)・ISO-14001(2015) Certification.


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Điện thoại : +84.2462934622 – +84.2462955444

Hotline: +84-901582899

Địa chỉ: P3.11 Sàn thương mại CT3 Gelexia Riverside, ngõ 885 Tam Trinh, P Yên Sở, Q. Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội.


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